Clemente Veterans Initiative (CVI)

What is it:

The Clemente Veterans Initiative (CVI) is a free, accredited, college-level course in the humanities — history, philosophy, literature and art — offered to veterans and civilians. Anyone who completes the course will be eligible for 3 college credits from Bard College, NY for free.

The class will be take place twice weekly, on Monday and Wednesday evenings, for 12 weeks. Each class will be led by experienced teachers and taught in a seminar format, in which all students are expected to participate.

By reading, viewing and discussing great works of humankind inspired by military conflicts throughout history, participants will have an opportunity to create conversational bridges to help mend the divides that too often keep us apart.

Who we are:

Jack Cheng is an art historian and the Academic Director of the Clemente Course in Boston, a college-level introduction to the humanities for lower-income adults.

Ann Murphy taught literature and Peace Studies at Assumption College and teaches writing and is the Assistant Academic Director of the Clemente Course.

Ruth Rohde has master’s degrees in social work and creative writing and leads monthly book discussions on literature and the experience of war for employees at the Bedford VA.


When is it

We are planning to offer the class from: 

Monday, February 25, 2019 through Wednesday May 22, 2019.

We will not have classes during the week of April 15 (Boston Public School vacation week).

Where is it (and how to get there)

The class will be held in the Codman Square Health Center.  Codman Square Health Center is at 637 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA 02124.   Directions by car or MBTA can be found on the Codman Square website here.


How to apply

If you are interested, please fill in the online registration form.

We will contact interested parties in January of 2019 to confirm your interest in the class.



If you have more questions, please feel free to email us at